Lowering Taxes

Hard-working Ohioans deserve to keep more of what they earn. I support lowering the income tax and reforming our state’s tax code – policies that let Ohioans keep more of their money. I voted to cut the Ohio income tax by 6.3% and helped to prevent billions of dollars of tax increases.

Reducing Spending

Over the past decades, the size of Ohio’s government has ballooned. It’s time to cut spending and create a smaller, more efficient government. We must enact measures to curb the unsustainable growth of spending. I led the charge to prevent hundreds of millions of dollars in increased spending.

Create a Climate for Jobs and Growth

Government needs to get out of businesses’ way so good paying jobs can be created for our middle class. Through repealing job-killing regulations, we can create an economic environment conducive to strong private sector job growth.

Improving K-12 Education

Every child has the right to a good education, regardless of their zip code.  Decisions regarding what our children learn should be made on the local level with the input of parents, not by bureaucrats in Washington.

Improving Higher and Vocational Education

Equality of opportunity is an underlying principle to the American Dream. I will work to ensure every student has an affordable path to a career, be it through skilled trades, community colleges, or a four-year university. I fought to freeze tuition in Ohio and work every day to increase the opportunities for all Ohioans to get a good education.

Protecting the Second Amendment

I strongly support our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  I am a member of the NRA and will work every day to protect the 2nd Amendment. I have co-sponsored every pro-2nd Amendment bill that has been introduced in the House.

Respecting the Sanctity of Life

Being a voice for the voiceless is of the utmost importance. Every day, we will work towards policies that reduce the number of abortions in our state. I am unapologetically pro-life which is why I support legislative efforts that protect the sanctity of life. I have co-sponsored and voted for every piece of pro-life legislation, including the Heartbeat Bill.

Supporting Our Veterans

With Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in our community, it is imperative to look after the countless veterans that call the Miami Valley home. Helping our veterans is our moral obligation. This is why I work on their behalf in Columbus, sponsoring legislation that would provide tax credits to businesses that hire and employ Ohio veterans.

Fighting for Affordable Health Care

Affordable and accessible healthcare through private insurance for every Ohioan should be our goal. With Medicaid spending increasing, we need to help people get up and off of Medicaid and onto private insurance. In addition, I am leading the way to help the addicted and mentally ill.